Online Coaching Video Upload Service

NOTE: The Online Coaching Video Upload Service offered by Clay Coach Online, Inc. requires you open a free account on and comply with the Dropbox Terms of Service.  The terms of service are available for your review at .  Dropbox is an independent file sharing service and is not part of, or associated with Clay Coach Online, Inc.  We use dropbox solely as a mean for customers to quickly and easily transfer large video files for our Coaches’ review.   

Online Coaching Video Upload Service with Coach Chris Batha

Whether you are an experienced shooter who wants to improve or are just starting out, every shotgun shooter wants to break more targets. Clay Coach Online, Inc. offers a unique and convenient way for you to receive some basic professional instruction in a cost-effective fashion. We accomplish this through our Online Coaching Video Upload Service and it works like this: (1) Order the Online Video Upload Service (2) Create a free dropbox account on (3) When Clay Coach Online receives your order we will create a private folder on Dropbox and send you an invite to access that folder (4) You then download the video scene shot sheet instruction form after you order (5) Get your video camera, tripod and shooting gear and head to the range with a friend or family member (6) Shoot the series of targets listed on the shot sheet while your assistant video tapes the angles described on the sheet. (7) Transfer the video to your computer choosing one of these file formats: wmv, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mov, avi. (8) Go to your private dropbox account and upload your video to folder we have created for you. (9) The Coach will then review the clip and send you an e-mail with some suggestions on how to improve your shooting.

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