Trap Shooting Video Clips for Download

Video files are provided to you in .mp4 file format which have been optimized for viewing on iPods, iPhones, Blackberry devices and Zen media players.  If you have questions please see our video clip download instructions.


How to Shoot Trap: An Overview From Below
A brief history and overview of the most popular clay target game. This clip shows the angles and trajectories targets travel when thrown from the trap. It also shows what it is like to shoot from each of the five stations. COACH: Chris Batha TIME: 1:50


How to Shoot Trap: An Overview From Above
When shooting trap targets it is very important to avoid vertical movement and to concentrate on horizontal or lateral movement. This tip shows the key to successful trap shooting: being minimalistic with smaller movements that translate to better scores. COACH: Chris Batha TIME: 2:15


How to Shoot Trap: Common Mistakes and Corrections
If you hold your gun too close to the trap house your eyes will translate that into a fast gun movement as you track the target. This often makes you burst through or brush past the target therefore making you miss off-line or over the top. This tip gives some suggestions on how to avoid this problem using stacks of clay targets placed on the trap house as reference guides. COACH: Chris Batha TIME: 2:15


How to Shoot Trap: General Tips
This clip describes some common mistakes and some simple things you can do to improve your trap shooting. COACH: Chris Batha TIME: 1:55


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