Universal Shooting Video Clips for Download

Video files are provided to you in .mp4 file format which have been optimized for viewing on iPods, iPhones, Blackberry devices and Zen media players.  If you have questions please see our video clip download instructions.


Eyes Wide Open
Your ability to break clay targets is driven by eye and hand coordination. The eyes drive the hands and thus determine if you will break the target or not. Therefore, the more clearly you can see the target the more targets you will hit. This clip discusses how you can do just that. COACH: Chris Batha TIME: 1:15

How to Capture Video for Upload to the Online Coaching Service
This clip demonstrates how to capture video for upload to our Online Coaching Video Upload Service. By watching this video and using the video shot sheet you download upon purchase of the service you will easily and quickly be able to capture the necessary video to send to our Coach who will then critique your shooting style. TIME: 4:34